Welcome to www.spagryicus.com™

Welcome to www.spagryicus.com™

Welcome to www.spagryicus.com/, official site of Robert A. Bartlett.

Robert A. Bartlett is the former Chief Chemist of Paracelsus Labs, Salt Lake City Utah, an Alchemist Adept, a Member of the International Alchemy Guild, a Published author and lecturer on Practical Alchemy.

He is available for lectures and workshops.

Classes forming now for HERBAL ALCHEMY.  Learn about this fascinating subject and how to prepare your own herbal tinctures using simple tools in your own kitchen.

He incorporates his vast knowledge into alchemical practices, including the Aryuvedic practices and how they relate to alchemy.


  • Charle-Pan
    September 26, 2019

    Beautiful work! Many Thanks.

  • Stajen Warness
    February 3, 2021

    Hello Robert

    Your name was mentioned to me a number of times by Arpad Joo. a mutual freind. Arpad introduced me to Paracelsus and I took a number of their courses with Frater Albetus and Cathy Anderson. I bought cases of the products from Paralabs for my patients. You must have produced them? I still have a few bottles and recently I found a bottle of Antimony. These were purchased over 40 years ago! Arpad also had dreams of building a private lab, but 1981 came along and our financiers disappeared. So did Arpad…
    Last year, I decided to start a new chapter in my life and review the many past adventures. One would be alchemy and its therapeutic values. I may have missed the boat on this study and would like to take a more intense investigation on it’s medicinal values; since medicine is my profession for 50 years plus. Of course, anti-aging is even now a greater interest!

    I would like to take your seminars, I missed a couple due to a private client who is trying to survive metastatic prostate cancer. It has been quite a journey an we are looking down every rabbit hole for a break though; possibly we should be looking up into the stars instead. I just ordered one of your books.

    If you would have time for a short chat, let me know ? I will also enroll into the next seminar coming up soon.

    Thank you

    Peace and Blessings,

  • Irena
    June 18, 2021

    Dear Mr Bartlett, I am bit didsapointed You do not have those tiny bottles with a dropper for Oil of Gold which I just got in my mail.
    Since I need to transfer it to a dofferent bottle with a dropper pls let me know if there is some kind of procedure to follow or I can just buy any bottle ,clean with hot water and pour Oil of Gold to it .
    Will appreciate yr answer. Tried to call ..could not find any number on your web side nor there is an email address to send my question.

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