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The Spagyricus Institute - Robert A. Bartlett
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by Kelsang Tharden on The Spagyricus Institute - Robert A. Bartlett
Pinacle of Alchemical Medicine

I had the good fortune of attending the prima, secunda and tertia with the great alchemical master Robert Bartlett. Robert is no joke he is a living legend of alchemy.

If you wish to make very powerful medicine to help people. I highly recommend studying with this master of medicine.

by Alp on The Spagyricus Institute - Robert A. Bartlett
Real Alchemy

I had the great good fortune to attend the Prima class and every aspect of it was delightful.

Robert, Karen, their assistant Luna and all the other students were a delight to work with. Collaboration and various angles that other students had made the class very dynamic and fun.

The class itself is brimming with essential information that cannot be obtained from a book. While the book is a necessary ingredient, so too this oral transmission.

The content of the class stared with some historical background and moved onto more and more technical and practical methods of medicine making. Robert also demonstrated various ways and steps of making a Spagyric remedy. All the experiments were a success. Robert was very patient with the loads of questions he answered and did so with utmost respect of the students wishes. He was energetic, clear and engaging in the many lectures he gave.

Roberts superiority among the sphere of accomplished alchemists in know of is marked by the powier of his medicine and the fluency of his methods.

This course is highly recommended as a treasury of knowledge and oral transmission to all those who wish to progress along the path of Spagyric medicine making.

With love and respect,

by Benjamin Turale - Director of Education, International Alchemy Guild. on The Spagyricus Institute - Robert A. Bartlett
Best course I've ever done!

Robert is not only a master alchemist, but also a wonderful teacher and down to earth human being. The 10 days I spent with him this year on the Advanced Metallic Alchemy course will never be forgotten. The techniques, information and practice he facilitated for us as a group truly opened the world of the minerals and metals for us in a safe yet challenging way. Staying on site was great too for all the wonderful discussions and group dynamics well into the night after class had finished.

I can't thank Robert enough for his energy and attentiveness - a shining light in the world of alchemy!

by Dave, Carmel CA on The Spagyricus Institute - Robert A. Bartlett
triumph chariot = wow

thought i would share my experiences with tinctures: gold, triumph chariot and antimony.

overall comments:
it is wonderful to have access to aged oils of this type - big pinot noir country here and we do appreciate the notion of a few years in the bottle : )

dram sized bottles come without droppers - a practical matter but important - i happened to have a few mini-sized droppers about but many may not !

on to the good stuff:

the gold engaged the pineal pituitary center in less than a minute and there was a pulsing there of about 7-8 pulses per second - like a gentle squeezing - quite positive and enjoyable.

the triumph chariot was a bit different - pulsed basically with the heartbeat and a bit broader, less focused in the same general area. again quite positive.

for me the antimony did not pulse at all but a very steady feeling of support - quite gentle and nurturing.

for this kid - the experience is a bit like jumping rope - you need to get in sync with the event - if you get in wrong back off, take it slower, and reengage. the reward so far has been a growing sense of well being and a peace of mind that some much needed "spring cleaning" is taking place : )

required materials:
patience, intention and a relaxed insistence

experimented so far with a few drops in a few ounces in water (water you feel good about). sometimes after a bit of a mini-fast, sometimes before excercise.

i would say triumph chariot packs the biggest wow though for some reason i feel most at home = cozy ! with antimony.

by Kiyan Fox on The Spagyricus Institute - Robert A. Bartlett

I am extremely happy that I took the Prima class. You are staying on a lovely horse ranch, surrounded by Nature. But don't think this is a cakewalk, - it is intensive! Twelve hour days! Hundreds of pages of material. Your head will be spinning by the time this is through. And you will have gained much knowledge and wisdom. The Prima Class covered the plant kingdom and it is work that I am still doing to this day, over a year later. People come from all over the world to be taught by Robert Bartlett. There is a reason for this..

by Jason C. on The Spagyricus Institute - Robert A. Bartlett

We have a friend of the family (named Kenny) who for many years lived with Hepatitis C. Eventually his liver started going out on him. His health got so bad they put him on an organ doner list, to receive a new liver. He had tried everything, but his health was getting worse and worse; he was basically knocking on death's door. Because he had nothing to lose, he was willing to try Robert's tinctures. We gave him the Three Kings tincture and the Oil of Antimony. After taking them, just a few drops everyday, not only did his liver completely recover, but he was also cured of Hepatitis C! Needless to say, his doctors were more than a little shocked. Kenny credits Robert's tinctures with saving his life. That was a couple years ago and he still does not have Hepatitis C. My dad developed skin cancer and he took the Oil of Antimony and it cured his cancer. I am not making wild medical claims, I am stating facts that are documented with paperwork. If you know somebody who is sick, then perhaps they might want to try some of Robert's tinctures; just for curiosity's sake. Perhaps they might be able to benefit in some way. As far as Robert's Prima class, I cannot endorse it enough. I had read everything I could find on the laboratory tradition of alchemy. I had tried what experiments I could but it felt like I had hit a brick wall or a glass ceiling. No matter what I tried, I could not reach that next level. After attending Prima, it felt as if somebody handed me a blank canvass with a pallett of 100 colors and said "Here ya go, knock yourself out." When I can afford it, I plan on continuing on to the Secunda and Tertia classes, but even with just the Prima class, I know that I have a very solid foundation that I can build off of for the rest of my life. Robert and Karen are a force of good in the world and, I wish them nothing but good blessings. 🙂

by kserao on The Spagyricus Institute - Robert A. Bartlett

The gold tincture is amazing! I feel so much more energy and positive outlook since taking just a few drops every few days. I seem to stay healthier in general. I even give it to my pets.

by Tom Waters on The Spagyricus Institute - Robert A. Bartlett
crystal clarity

The teaching style is heart centered and the passion reflected in Robert's work is inspiring! I learned so much from these classes. They are an important piece to the work we are all doing as human beings!!! If your intuition has lead you here it is no accident. The classes will begin the journey of self discovery, self actualization with a foundation in truth. Alchemy is a time honored art or craft. And I highly recommend the Teachings of the Spagyricus institute.

by Whitney on The Spagyricus Institute - Robert A. Bartlett
Oil of Gold

I have been blown away by the Oil of Gold that Robert has here. I take it from time to time when I feel low energy, tired, or simply guided to take it. Each time I take it I feel my body filling with the energy of the sun, golden light, warmth and a powerful sense of clarity in my mind. It's strong! I feel alive and awake and very connected to my higher self and Spirit. My body feels vibrant and vital.

We gave our friend a drop of the Oil of Gold right before she was about to teach a class because she was really nervous. She said she felt it opened her up and she was able to communicate with ease and her class went really well!

by Whitney on The Spagyricus Institute - Robert A. Bartlett
The Living Legend

Robert is a wizard! A true alchemist that carries himself in such a humble kind way. It was an honor getting to sit in his lab and learn from him about spagyrics during the Prima class. It's obvious he's devoted his life to the study and practice of this sophisticated ancient tradition through the depth of knowledge he shares. Prior to the class I had been studying about & making spagyrics for 3 years, but received so much more to my understanding through taking his class. He shares so much information in that one weekend that I'm still digesting and assimilating this wisdom into my life several years later- and I can tell it'll continue impacting me for the rest of my life.

I'm so grateful that I've had the opportunity to study this living legend since there are few out there carrying the depth of this tradition with the integrity that he does. I look forward to taking the Secunda and Tertia when I get a chance in the future!

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