Tertia Intensive: 4 Days September 13 – 16th

The Tertia classs examines the works on minerals and metals, which some consider to be the pinnacle of alchemical works.  The class spans three days and covers the theories on metallic alchemy and also provides practical examination of both the wet and dry methods.  We spend a whole day on the acetate path and a whole day on antimony.  We also contrast these methods with alchemical works of India (rasashastra).

Robert Bartlett is the only teacher in the world who teaches on these subjects in such a detailed, practical format.

Thursday through Sunday, starts at 10am on Thursday, ends on Sunday at 6pm.


Product Description

Tertia Class Outline:

  • Introduction to Practical Mineral Alchemy
  • History and Materials
  • The Athanor
  • Methods for working with the mineral realm
  • Menstruums
  • Antimony
  • Why Antimony?
  • Working with Antimony in the Laboratory
  • Preparation of Kermes Mineral
  • Preparation of the Glass of Antimony
  • Regulus of Antimony
  • Alloys and Amalgams
  • Tinctures from Antimony
  • Via Humida, Via Sicca
  • The Acetate Path
  • History and Theory of the Acetate Path
  • Preparation of metal and mineral Acetates
  • Dry Distillation
  • Purification of Products
  • Opus Saturni
  • Indian Metallic Medicines
  • A History of Rasa Shastra
  • Methods and Materials
  • Comparisons with Western Alchemical Works
  • Making Furnaces and Crucibles
  • Preparation of Metal Bhasmas
  • Sublimation of Materials
  • Makaradhwaja


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