Secunda Intensive: 3 Days class Friday September 29th thru Sunday October 1st

Secunda Intensive: 3 Days class Friday September 29th thru Sunday October 1st. Starts at 10am Friday.

Friday covers evening basics lecture to prepare for the work on Saturday and Sunday. The Secunda class advances further into the herbal work and prepares for the mineral works in Tertia. The class covers the Water Works, the Salt Works and introduces the Animal Works as well. Learn the advanced laboratory works from a Alchemist and Chemist with over 40 years of experience and one of the few living full time students of the PRS and Frater Albertus, – Robert A. Bartlett! The Legacy lives on!

Enroll by August 30th and receive a copy of the Prima Lecture video! The complete series will be available for a special discounted price for students as well as tincture of gold and tincture of antimony at special class price.


Product Description

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, starts at 10am on Friday September 29th, ends on Sunday October 1st at 6pm or later.

Part One:

Introduction Elements/Mahabhutas


  • Water Info-properties/gunas/types and contaminants/collection of rain and dew
  • FermentationiGur
  • Separation of Elements
  • Rectification/ use as Universal Elements
  • Cohobation
  • Generations in the Three Kingdoms
  • Archaeus of Water


  • Ash
  • Deliquescence
  • Crystallization
  • Sublimation

Part Two:

Introduction Q & A


  • Ghee
  • Oil of Egg
  • Urine

Introduction to Mineral Works of Animal Origin

  • Red Coral
  • Egg Shell Bhasma
  • Sea Shells