Saturday February 20th Noon PST Herbal Alchemy Lecture On Zoom


Due to circumstances beyond our control we have to reschedule the Zoom Class from Feb 13 to Feb 20, Noon PST. The Storm has caused damage to the lines and our internet is down. It will hopefully be repaired in the next day or so, but we don’t want to trust that will happen when people have booked time with us, so we are rescheduling the Zoom Class for February 20th, Noon PST. By then the storm should have cleared and we will hopefully have our internet back. We will send out the Zoom info on the afternoon of Thursday February 18th. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We may try and record the class with some 3rd party software (our Zoom account won’t allow a video capture for the amount of time of the class) and if so we can share this with interested persons. However this is not guaranteed, so it is best to join in at the rescheduled time, which again is February 20th, noon PST.

If you cannot make the class and need to cancel, please email for your refund.


Robert Bartlett, World renowned author and lecturer on Practical Alchemy, offers his decades of experience, knowledge, and experimentation in this unique and informative Class, a Four Hour Zoom meeting on Saturday February 20th at Noon Pacific Time, Noon to Four pm. The topic is Herbal Alchemy.


People who purchase the class will receive an email sent to the billing email that they use in purchasing the ticket with the link, passwords, and meeting ID for the Zoom call.


Robert Bartlett has studied under Frater Albertus, Paracelsus Research Society SLC, completed his degree in Chemistry at Boise State and appointed Chief Chemist and Director of Research at Paralab, the commercial offshoot of the then established Paracelsus College.


In these classes you are offered the experience of a Chemist of many years as well as a Parachemist of Alchemical techniques and Knowledge.


You also get practical information on Herbal Alchemy using easy-to-find materials and equipment so that anyone can do this at home, opening the way for a lifetime of powerful medicines at your disposal!