Real Alchemy – Prima, Secunda, and Tertia, Theory and Practice DVD Complete Set

This is a twelve part video series that encompasses the Prima, Secunda, and Tertia classes taught by the Spagryicus Institute.  It is a video of an actual class lecture that examines the abiding mystery surrounding the herbal, salt, water, animal, metal, and mineral works.

This is a video of an actual class and runs for over nineteen hours!  Great for those who cannot travel to Washington State for the actual class.  40% off physical on-site classes with proof of purchase.  Learn at your own pace!


Product Description

Prima Outline, Herbal Alchemy


A brief look at the development of Alchemy in the Western world.
Ancient times
Thoth/Hermes- The Emerald Tablet
Metallurgy/ Ceramics/ Medicine
Secret Sciences and Per Ankh
Ptolemaic Egypt
Great Library
Temple of the Muses
Aristotle’s elements
Roman Empire
Diocletian 291 CE
Theodosius 390 CE
Migration to “The Arabias”
Arabic Alchemy
Abu Musa Jabir ibn Hayaan – Geber
Ibn Sinna – Avicenna
Arabic Migration into Western Europe
Medieval Alchemy
Quest for gold– mystery and scandal
Nicholas Flamel/ Raymond Lull
Paracelsus– Iatrochemistry
Transition of Alchemy to chemistry
Boyle and Newton
Secret Societies
Radioactivity—transmutation in nature
Biological Transmutations
Quantum physics


The One
Duality, time and space, vibration
Volatile and Fixed energies/ life and matter
Levels of energy density
The Four Elements/ Quintessence
Elemental Compositions
The Three Essentials- Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury
Philosophical Mercury
Involution and Evolution of The One
Esoteric Physiology


Herbs and Stars
Paracelsus / 4 elements, 3 essentials
Philosophical principles of the plant world
Spagyrics- Solve et Coagula
Laboratory equipment requirements
Secrets of the Fire
Degrees of fire in the laboratory
Alchemical Operations
Simple Spagyric Extracts
Creating the “Seven Basics”
Compound extracts

Secunda Outline, Water, Salt, and Animal Works

Part One: Introduction Elements/Mahabhutas


Water Info-properties/gunas/types and contaminants/collection of rain and dew
Separation of Elements
Rectification/ use as Universal Elements
Generations in the Three Kingdoms
Archaeus of Water



Part Two: Introduction Q & A


Oil of Egg

Introduction to Mineral Works of Animal Origin

Red Coral
Egg Shell Bhasma
Sea Shells

Tertia Outline, Mineral and Metal Alchemy

History and Materials
The Athanor
Methods for working with the mineral realm
Why Antimony?
Working with Antimony in the Laboratory
Preparation of Kermes Mineral
Preparation of the Glass of Antimony
Regulus of Antimony
Alloys and Amalgams
Tinctures from Antimony
Via Humida, Via Sicca
The Acetate Path
History and Theory of the Acetate Path
Preparation of metal and mineral Acetates
Dry Distillation
Purification of Products
Opus Saturni
Indian Metallic Medicines
A History of Rasa Shastra
Methods and Materials
Comparisons with Western Alchemical Works
Making Furnaces and Crucibles
Preparation of Metal Bhasmas
Sublimation of Materials

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