Prima 6 Month Online Course 2023


Starts on Monday May 15, 2023. These six months of instruction introduce the History and Philosophy of the Alchemical Tradition and its practical application in the plant world.

You will learn how to separate the Three alchemical essentials from plants, known to the Ancients as the Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury, and to purify those essentials using a variety of techniques both traditional and unique, proprietary to our Classes.You will also learn how to recombine those purified essentials into a medicinal agent with miraculous power, creating your own basic tinctures to fortify your body both subtle and sublime corresponding to the seven planetary energies affecting all living things. You get practical hands on activities using easy-to-find materials and equipment so that anyone can do this at home, opening the way for a lifetime of powerful medicines at your disposal!

This class also serves as an intro to advanced alchemical works in the animal kingdom (no animals are harmed in this), as well as mineral and metals; these are long recognized as powerful agents in Ayurveda and Western Alchemy.


Robert Bartlett, world-renowned author and lecturer on Practical Alchemy, offers his decades of experience, knowledge, and experimentation in this unique and informative Class. He has studied under Frater Albertus, Paracelsus Research Society SLC, completed his degree in Chemistry at Boise State and appointed Chief Chemist and Director of Research at Paralab, the commercial offshoot of the then established Paracelsus College, SLC, UT until its dissolution in 1984.

In these classes you are offered the experience of a Chemist of many years as well as a Parachemist of Alchemical techniques and Knowledge. Some of his successful students have been Sajah Popham, Evolutionary herbalism, Catamara Rosarium and Rosarium Blends, Phoenix Aurelius and many others, as well as Naturopaths and Acupuncturists, and other Alternative Practitioners that have enhanced their healing toolboxes.

An examination of the abiding mystery surrounding Alchemy, including:

  • Myths, legends and traditions of Alchemy
  • Alchemy East and West
  • Longevity, Rejuvenation, and the Transmutation of Metals
  • Inner and Outer Alchemy
  • Alchemy and Astrology
  • Art and Symbol


  • A brief look at the development of Alchemy in the Western world.
  • Ancient times
  • Thoth/Hermes- The Emerald Tablet
  • Metallurgy/ Ceramics/ Medicine
  • Secret Sciences and Per Ankh
  • Ptolemaic Egypt
  • Great Library
  • Temple of the Muses
  • Aristotle’s elements
  • Roman Empire
  • Diocletian 291 CE
  • Theodosius 390 CE
  • Migration to “The Arabias”
  • Arabic Alchemy
  • Abu Musa Jabir ibn Hayaan – Geber
  • Ibn Sinna – Avicenna
  • Arabic Migration into Western Europe
  • Medieval Alchemy
  • Quest for gold– mystery and scandal
  • Nicholas Flamel/ Raymond Lull
  • Paracelsus– Iatrochemistry
  • Transition of Alchemy to chemistry
  • Boyle and Newton
  • Secret Societies
  • Radioactivity—transmutation in nature
  • Biological Transmutations
  • Quantum physics



  • The One
  • Duality, time and space, vibration
  • Volatile and Fixed energies/ life and matter
  • Levels of energy density
  • The Four Elements/ Quintessence
  • Elemental Compositions
  • The Three Essentials- Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury
  • Philosophical Mercury
  • Involution and Evolution of The One
  • Esoteric Physiology


  • Herbs and Stars
  • Paracelsus / 4 elements, 3 essentials
  • Philosophical principles of the plant world
  • Spagyrics- Solve et Coagula
  • Secrets of the Fire
  • Degrees of fire in the laboratory
  • Alchemical Operations
  • Simple Spagyric Extracts
  • Creating the “Seven Basics”
  • Compound extracts