Ovum Vitali (Oil of Egg)


A spagyric preparation from organic egg yolks. Uses are for preventing infection, healing wounds, scars, acne, chapped skin etc. Internal uses have been for depression, and removing plaque. Studies on these effects were done in Japan in clinical trials and a product based on Oil of Egg is being used in Switzerland and Austria through the efforts of Dr. Nawrocki, physician and a student of Frater Albertus. Available in two dram bottles and 1/2 oz bottles.


Oil from egg the Ovum Vitali is made from egg yolk. It is placed in a solvent then distilled out to the essential oil. End product contains no egg proteins. Pure omega oils. Analysis puts it similar to human skin. Studies in China have conclusively proved its anti-aging effects on the cellular level. Studies in Japan and Austria and Sweden prove its value in healing surgical scars five times faster. Clearing up many skin conditions including eczema and acne. Internally taken removes plaques from the bloodstream. Treats peridontal disease. Is an antibacterial. Treats colitis and chrone’s disease. Studies were paid for and conducted by Dr. Werner Nawrocki,Austria. He was a classmate of Robert Bartlett’s and worked at Paralab as well.

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