Men and the Cycles of the Universe: A Limited Edition


Salt Lake City, UT: Paracelsus Research Society, 1970. First Edition

Ten loose 17 inch x 22 inch color plates, and accompanying booklet

Booklet: softcover, octavo, (iv) + 44pp. stapled in original cream printed wrappers, printed in black, with b&w illustrations.

These plates describe cycles of the planetary and zodiacal energies and break it down into the seven phase cycles of the planets and the 12 phase cycles of the zodiac (and how it proceeds through time). It shows the 26,000 year progression of the equinox. You can work with the charts to break it down into smaller units, days, months, even seconds!

500 numbered copies. These are extremely rare. Once these originals are gone, they’re gone forever.



By Frater Albertus Spagyricus (Dr. Richard Albert Riedel, 1911-1984); founder of the Paracelsus Research Society in Salt Lake City. The set comprises material on cyclic patterns, cosmic rays, cosmic cycles, daily cycles, the Tree of Life, the use of color and sound, etc as taught in the curriculum of the Paracelsus College and published in “The Seven Rays of the Q.B.L.” (1968). The set was issued in response to a request by readers of “The Seven Rays of the Q.B.L.” to “make the cyclic charts contained therein available in a larger format, to better check the events in the life of man and the sphere of his historical existence.” The booklet itself serves as a guide to the material, and also includes “additional charts and explanations not found in “The Seven Rays of the Q.B.L.”

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