Initiatic Elixir


Visionary elixir of Ruby and the aurum potable, oil from gold. 1 oz. bottle


Opening the Heart Chakra and assisting in the building of the Immortal Body.


The Egyptians considered the Heart the most important organ. Modern science has shown that the heart contains its own “brain” and nervous system. Truly the seat of emotion. E-Motion


Oil of Gold enhances the subtle body, perfecting what it touches to its highest level of perfection. Intimately tied with the Solar Plexus, the Solar Body of Light.


Addressing the concerns that the metal and mineral content might cause health issues, please understand that our products contain NO actual metals or minerals in the final product. It is similar to homeopathy in a way. Homeopathy contains the element in parts per billion, but in a spagyric it contains solely the energetic imprint of the mineral or metal. Furthermore, everything is tested for purity and safety.



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Weight 1.1 oz