ESSENTIA Journal of Evolutionary Thought in Action Volumes 1 – 4, 1980 – 1984


Publisher: Paracelsus College


SET 4 ~ 1983-84

Spring 1983 ~ Journal of Evolutionary Thought in Action

Editorial: Frater Albertus
Exemplar: Siegbert Hahn
Opinion on Paracelsus, by H.R. H. The Prince of Wales
‘Astrology’ Applied to children, by Linda Mulcock
Book Reviews
Are You Related to the Tate Family
Beyond Alternative Medicine, by K. Lee Andersen
Process for the extraction of Oil of Iron, by Baron Andrea Mazzario, Ph. D.
If We Only Knew What the Alchemist Meant, by Dr. Phil. Hans Gerhard Lenz
Naturopathic Philosophy, by Peter Van Wunnick, Jr., D.C, N.D.
The Body Spectrum, by Alan Sherry
The Art of Giving
Nonsense in Metaphysics, by Frater Albertus
Musical Logic, by Elizabeth J. Dowling
Contents of Manuscript of Michael Sendivogiuss
Questions and Answers


Summer 1983 ~ Journal of Evolutionary Thought in Action

Editorial: Paracelsus College
Dr. Albert R. Riedel
History of Paracelsus College
Paracelsus College
Paracelsus College in Australia
Divisions of Paracelsus College
Looking Toward the Future
Academics in Paracelsus College
Paracelsus Laboratories, Inc
Evolution of Parachemistry
Tristar – Our View Into the Future


Fall 1983 ~ Journal of Evolutionary Thought in Action

Editorial: Schools… Not Monasteries or Ashrams
Exemplar: John Ray Christopher
Wisdom of the Sages
Ancient Orders
An Address to the New Age of Humanity
Project Stargaze
The College Needs You
Art and Alchemy
Life at the Boiling Point, by Rolf H. Simen
The Snake Stone, by Isaac Beck
Out of Our ‘Think Tank’
Why do Public Servants not Serve the People?
Objective of School Research
Questions and Answers
Restorers of Alchemical Manuscripts


Winter 1983 – Spring 1984 ~ Journal of Evolutionary Thought in Action

Editorial: The True or False Unicorn
Exemplar: T. Henry Moray
Operatie Elixirs Philosophici
An Old Alchemical Manuscript
Pointers for Manufacture of Sulphur Crystals
Planetary Influences on Oils of Metals
Thank you… Please Continue
Alchemy At Work
Cosmic Chess Coloring Book
The Beautiful Dream of the Philosopher’s Stone
The QBL and the Tree of Life
Medicine and Esotericism
Fango: Transformed Raised Natural Product
What is Orthodoxy?
Impressions of Le Thoronet Abby, Provence
Seven Reasons
Out of ‘Think Tank’ – Thoughts by Clive Riach
Book Review – The Story of Astrology by Manly P. Hall
Questions and Answers
Utah Institute of Parachemistry

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