ESSENTIA Journal of Evolutionary Thought in Action 1981 Volume 2 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


Publisher: Paracelsus College


SET TWO 1981

Spring 1981 ~ The Visible Light Spectrum

Exemplar: Armand Barbault, by Frater Albertus
Color and Sound, by Gregory Sneddon
Three Perspectives on the Assessment of Student Performance, by Dr. Gabriel Della Piana
Drugs and the Human Body, by Dr. Michael R. Franklin
The Case for Homeopathy to get Hearing
The Alchemist and the Rabbi, by Samuel Avital
Concerning Hebrew Pronunciation, by Israel Regardie
Know the Old to Appreciate the New
Lab Notes – Cold and Hot Extraction and The Art of Distillation
What About Our Food?, by Susan Montgomery
Paracelsus College in Australia


Summer 1981 ~ The Wetwork in the Plant World

Editorial, by Art Kunkin
Exemplar: Dr. A. K. Bhattacharaya, by Frater Albertus
The Circulation Minus of Urbigerus, by Professor Manfred M. Junius
Hermetic Cabala in the Monas Hieroglyphica and the Mosaicall Philosophy, by Michael T. Walton
The Calendar, The Seasons and The Sidereal Zodiac, by Steve Marshall
Inquiries by Students… and Answers, by Frater Albertus


Fall 1981 ~ Physical Immortality

Editorial: A Response to Our Readers, by Art Kunkin
Exemplar: Hans Sterneder, by Frater Albertus
The Music of the Spheres, by Don Campbell
On the Transformation of Water and Air, by Michael Walton
An Attempt at the Curiculum Minus, by S.W.
The Work in the Laboratory: A Paradox, by Frater Albertus
The Cycles of Life, by Steve Marshall
Physical Immortality, by Richard and Isabella Ingalese
Inquiries by Students… and Answers, by Frater Albertus
On Deciphering Alchemical Language, by R. W. Councell


Winter 1981 ~ The Wonders of Antimony

Editorial: How Parachemistry is Studied Here
Exemplar: Nikola Tesla, by Art Kunkin
Auricular Medicine, by Dr. Werner Nawrocki, M.D.
The Wonders of Antimony, by Frater Albertus
Preparing the Vinegar of Antimony, by Lawrence Principe
New Ways to Distill Crude Sulphur, by Friedrich Jung
Inquiries by Students… and Answers, by Frater Albertus
Important Books Reviewed
Patterns in Astrological Symbolism, by Steve Marshall

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