ESSENTIA Journal of Evolutionary Thought in Action 1980 Volume 1 Summer/Fall, Winter


by Vincent Di Stefano Dr. Albert Richard Riedel (Frater Albertus), Robert A. Bartlett, Linda Case

Publisher: Paracelsus College
Editor in Chief: Mary Adams
Art Consultant: Rick Grimes
Contributing Editors: Kathryn Anderson, Dale Halverstadt, Dr. Albert Richard Riedel
Production Director: Michael Peck

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SET ONE 1980

SUMMER/FALL 1980 ~ Journal of Evolutionary Thought in Action


The Birthday is December 28, 1959, by Frater Albertus
Three Pillars of Becoming An Artist, by Samuel Avital
Healing Magnet, by Dr. A. K. Bhattacharya
Is Science Coming Full Circle?, by Dale Halverstadt
Tibetan Medicine, by Dr. Wolfgang Trescher
The International Alchemistical Symposium, 1980 by Nancy Ogle
Astro-Cyclic Pulsations and Parachemistry, by Kathryn Anderson



Exemplar: Carl Stahl
In the Laboratory, The Easter Egg Experiments
Know the Old to Understand the New – Unearthing Human Skeletons to be Blessed

Mummification While Still Alive
What about our Food?


WINTER 1980 ~ Journal of Evolutionary Thought in Action
Iridology, byTerry Willard
The Analytical Technique Applied to the Water Work: A Modern Approach, by Joseph C. Lisiewski, Jr.
Solar Eclipse – Wondrous Marriage of the Sun and Moon, by Barbara Shuler


Exemplar: Arpad Joo
In the Laboratory, A High Temperature Kiln Using Propane Gas or a Yellow Golden Glass w/o Borax by Ditmar Dan Dullies
Artificial Hearing
Know the Old to Understand the New – Gold Chemistry Today, by R.J. Puddephatt
What About our Food?, by Susan Montgomery
Kaleidoscope – The Philosophic Side of Suicide

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