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Contents: Valerian Root, Ginseng Root, Ginger Root, Hawthorn Berry, Hops, Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol (content 35%); Extract Ratio 2:1. Suggested Use: 7 — 10 drops two to three times per day. Nervana

$35 – One Fluid Oz. Nervana TSN


Contents: St. John’s Wort, Skullcap, Slippery Elm, Ginseng, Lavender, Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol (content 35%). Extract Ratio 1:2. Suggested Use: 5 — 7 drops two to three times per day. st. john's wort ims

$25 – One Fluid Oz. St. John’s Wort IMS


Contents: Golden Seal, Chamomile, Eye Bright, Ginseng, Slippery Elm, Angelica, Yarrow, Chaparral, Mt. Sage (Mugwort), Hawthorn Berry, Juniper Berry, Ginger Root, Horsetail, Valerian Root, Mullein, Nettle, Comfrey Root, Saffron, Cayenne, Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol (content 35%). Extract ratio 1-2. Suggested Use: 5 – 7 drops two to three times per day. theriac btc

$35 — One Fluid Oz. Theriac BTC
dosage 5-7 drops