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Mineral Works Class Outline


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Mineral Works Class Outline

Parts I, II, III, IV

Introduction to Practical Mineral Alchemy
History and Materials
The Athanor
Methods for working with the mineral realm
Why Antimony?
Working with Antimony in the Laboratory
Preparation of Kermes Mineral
Preparation of the Glass of Antimony
Regulus of Antimony
Alloys and Amalgams
Tinctures from Antimony
Via Humida, Via Sicca
The Acetate Path
History and Theory of the Acetate Path
Preparation of metal and mineral Acetates
Dry Distillation
Purification of Products
Opus Saturni

Indian Metallic Medicines
A History of Rasa Shastra
Methods and Materials
Comparisons with Western Alchemical Works
Making Furnaces and Crucibles
Preparation of Metal Bhasmas
Sublimation of Materials

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