The Philosophical Minds podcast recently featured an interview with Robert Bartlett, who recently completed a landmark book on Antimony and who has also been giving lectures on ancient Egyptian magical techniques. The Philosophical Minds Podcast welcomes exotic thinking , unique philosophies, wonder, and wisdom.  They explore interesting walks of life, advanced technology, innovation, esoteric realms , social sciences , and much more. You can check out the podcast for free on Apple Podcasts and also on Spotify.

About Robert Bartlett 'Robert Allen Bartlett is a practicing alchemist and author. A natural born scientist, Robert's interest in geology and the sciences in general prompted him to construct his own home laboratory when only 9 years old. Roberts interest in the ancient use of natural materials lead him to the study of alchemical works at the age of 12 and it has become his lifelong passion. In 1974, he left San Jose State University to pursue an

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