Oil of Gold and Three Kings, Elixirs of Life,

history and uses

By Karen Bartlett

Gold, it has captivated mankind for centuries. The Egyptians built Temples and Palaces of Gold. Many wars were fought for the possession of it. Many things are attached to it, the basest of which is Riches and Material Treasures.

Many legends abound around Gold. King Midas who’s touch turned everything to gold, being his undoing in the end.

Thieves have sought to steal it, Kings have thought to hoard it. Even Dragons are attracted to the glittering metal. And yet it is the softest of metals, easily bending and yielding unlike strong steel to forge weapons.

Gold has been held in the highest esteem both Spiritually and Materially throughout the Ages.

In the Chakras it is associated with the Solar Plexus. In the Tree of Life it is Tiphareth, the Sun or Son of God. This is also the Sphere of the Sun and associated with the Summerlands, Gwyladyrhaf in the Celtic Tradition, where the Souls of the Dead eventually go to . It is also the Land of Fairy.

To the Christians it would be Heaven.

In all legends it represents Perfection, a perfect Union of Heaven and Earth, where the Higher and the Lower sphere conjoin.

Many ask about the Gold, what does it do? What are the benefits of potable gold/ the Alchemist’s believed it would cure all known diseases and confer Immortal youth such was it’s power.

The Egyptians believed it built the Subtle Body, ensuring a strong presence in the Afterlife and bringing Health and Healing to the physical body. As Gold was the Sun and the Sun was Ra, it conferred Immortality upon the person infused with the Sun God , RA

By the 17th Century, Alchemy had given way to Chemistry, and yet medicines made from Gold were still in vogue.’

“Gold, is temperate in quality, it wonderfully strengthens the heart and vital spirits…. In cordials it / Resists melancholy’s, swooning, fevers, falling-sickness, and all such like infirmities”

“For Gold is cordial; and that’s the reason,
Your raking Misers live so long a season,”

So, how does one make a medicine out of a Metal? It seems unlikely to most modern thinking that a metal could be any kind of a medicine. However, in India they have known metallic medicines for centuries and prepare ayurvedic medicines known as Bhasma’s from metals and minerals. This of course parallels Western Alchemy and spagyric medicine and with good reason as knowledge of alchemy had spread across the continents to India a long time ago. Alchemy itself is believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt and was known as Khemia, or the black arts referring to the rich black soil of the Nile.

Later the AL was added when it spread to the Arabias.

A good history of the spread of Alchemy can be found in Robert Allen Bartlett’s book, Real Alchemy, A Primer of Practical Alchemy, published by Ibis Press.

Some of the methods used by the Old Alchemist’s were as follows:

‘…One method was to amalgamate the gold powder. Saffron of gold or aurum fulmininans was made by pouring aqua regalis (hydrochloric acid), water and oil of tartar onto thin plates of gold. Then dry it on a Paper by a gentle Fire lest it explodes. Saffron of gold was ‘said to cause Sweat, and drive out noxious Humours… It may be given in the Small Pox and Measles; and is also reported to stop Vomiting…’

In 1839 gold was still prescribed for promoting secretions and to strengthen the kidneys. Terchloride, teroxidiodide and tercyanide were used in the treatment of syphilis and also chronic skin diseases. As well as some tumours (RM Hillson MD Radcliff Infirmary, Oxford).

In the 20th Century it was used against Tuberculosis. Solutions of gold proved to inhibit the growth of tubercle bacilli in a culture of the disease.
In 1930 Forestier introduced gold treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in 1930. *
I recall when I was kid, my cousin contracted rheumatoid arthritis at the tender age of ten, and I recall that doctors treated her with gold injections that were quite expensive to receive.
One of the requirements of Alchemical preparations is that the Mineral or Ore that you are working with be “living”, coming from the earth without being tampered with. A natural ore. Our gold oil for example is made only from pure gold nuggets either from a mine or panned from water. It has to be in it’s Natural state to be “alive” and still contain the essential “spirit” or “soul” of the element.

“The bodies of metals are domiciles of their spirits. When their terrestrial substance is by degrees made think extended, and purified; the life and fire hitherto lying dormant is excited and made to appear: For the life which dwells in the metals is laid hid, as it were, asleep… nor can it exert its power or show itself unless the bodies be first dissolved and turned into their radical source. Being brought to this degree at length, by abundance of their internal light they communicate their tinging properties to other imperfect bodies. “  –Golden Treatise of Hermes Trismegistus

“The Sulpher of the metals is an oiliness extracted from the metals themselves, endowed with very many virtues for the health of man” –Paracelsus

To make the metals medicinal of course one has to purify the gold from all impurities through laboratory methods and extract the Sulphur of the gold, the oiliness.

This contains the medicinal properties of the gold.

Of late there has been an interest in gold as a medicine.A kind of revival in the Ormus movement, or monotomic gold. This type of medicinal gold is different from the spagyric metallic gold oil in that it uses the gold naturally occurring in certain substances in nature and is not spagyrically prepared in the Alchemical way, separating the three essentials of the mineral, herb, or ore and purifying and perfecting it to it’s highest vibrational level and physical purification. The gold is stripped of it’s impurities and only the Sulphur or Oil or “Soul” of the Gold is extracted and used as a medicine.

Alchemical processes create a bridge between the Kingdoms enabling the metals and minerals to be utilized by the body as a medicine that would otherwise be toxic and too removed from an Animal system.

Although there have been no modern clinical trials, benefits that have been reported after taking a few drops of the gold oil every few days have been spiritual, energetic effects; an opening of the Chakra’s or energy centers of the body, clarity of mind and thought, more energy, improved memory. Some have reported things as miraculous as being cured of a disease such as Hepatitus C for which there is no known cure. Another reported having a myocardial infarction spontaneously heal and a remission of AML after taking gold , antimony, and other herbs in a mixture. Robert Bartlett named this elixir, ASEM-F
Rober t Bartlett talks about the Oil of Gold in Real Alchemy:

“Oil of Gold is considered to be a medicine of the highest order. It strengthens circulation as a heart tonic. It is generally strengthening to all systems and is also a good blood purifier and regenerative. It is a true universal medicine often referred to as Potable Gold and highly prized from ancient times.

“Oil of Gold has been used successfully for treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, cancer, syphilis, uremia and multiple sclerosis. Mentally this is good for a weak will and strengthens ambition, courage, vitality and creativity.

“The smallest amount of the Oil of Gold will strengthen any other herbal or mineral salt.”


Gold can be mixed with other herbs and minerals to create a powerful elixir . One of these is Frankincense and Myrrh, also known as Three Kings for the Biblical reference.

“Behold there came wise men from the East…they saw the young child with Mary his Mother, and fell down and worshipped him: and…presented unto him gift; gold, and frankincense and myrrh.”

These have been revered for sacred and ceremonial use for centuries before the biblical references and also been used as medicines.

Frankincense is a resin obtained from the Boswellia trees , much like pine sap is, it is a resin on the bark. The highest qualities comes from the Arabic countries.

It’s use is described once again by RM Hillson Md:

“ the bark of the tree is scraped with a knife so that the gum resin oozes out as milky droplets which gradually dry in the sun. The first scrapings are thrown away and only second or preferably third are harvested. Frankincense or oianum occurs in small brittle ovoid tears. They are usually of a pale yellowish colour , frequently with a greenish , bluish or reddish tinges..opalescent and translucent”

Between 2000 and 3000 BC South Western Arabia was occupied by the Sabaeans who exported frankincense first to Egypt and later, to the Parthian and Roman empires. Franincense was mainly burnt as an aromatic. In one year around 1200 BC the Temple of Amon in Thebes used 2189 jars and what hypnotic scent (useful to mask the smell of cremations and mummification processes), frankincense was used medicinally. The Nubians chewed it for sore mouths. It was advocated for gout and broken heads.

Dioscorides in the sixth century suggested frankincense mixed with leek juice to stop bleeding-especially epistaxis.

Culpepper recommends frank incense to Heat and Bind fill up old Ulcers and flesh, stop Bleeding ….”

Frankincense and Myrrh have similar properties but Frankincense has a more powerful effect on the lungs.

From the Yoga of Herbs on Ayurveda:

Myrrh is one of the most famous and ancient substances used for preventing decay, reversing the aging process and rejuvenating body and mind. It is closely related to the guggul of Ayruvedic medicine, an important Ayurvedic nasayana. Myrrh similarly is a rejuvenated for Vata and Kapha, but it works more specifically on the blood and the female reproductive ; guggul possesses a stronger action on the nerves. Myrrh helps dispel old and stagnant blood from the uterus, and aids in new tissue growth. It catalyzes healing of sores and wounds, while stopping pain. It also helps dispel repressed emotions, as its purifying action extends to the subtle body.

Myrrh possesses true tonic, stimulant and rejuvenative powers along with strong detoxifying effects. As such , it is a more powerful and balanced herb than golden seal and other bitter detoxifiers, which weaken the body in long term usage. Yet it is not as effective as these in acute conditions.

Frankincense or Olibanum, Boswellia carterii, has very similar properties also, but has a slightly stonger action on the lungs and the nervous system.

Energetics; bitter, astringent, pungent, sweet/heating/pungent

Tissues: works on all tissue-elements

Systems: circulatory, reproductive, nervous, lymphatic, respiratory

Actions: alterative, emmnagogue, astringent, expectorant,antispasmodic, rejuviative, analgesic, antiseptic

Indications: amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menopause, cough, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, rheumatism, traumatic injuries, ulcerated surfaces, anemia pyorrhea

Precautions: high Pitta

This concludes my outline of the uses of the Gold Oil and the Three Kings Oil . This is meant for informational purposes only and certainly I would not prescribe nor recommend ignoring the advice of a qualified Physician or Naturopathic doctor.