Robert Bartlett

About Robert Bartlett

About Robert Bartlett

‘Robert Allen Bartlett is a practicing alchemist and author. A natural born scientist, Robert’s interest in geology and the sciences in general prompted him to construct his own home laboratory when only 9 years old. Roberts interest in the ancient use of natural materials lead him to the study of alchemical works at the age of 12 and it has become his lifelong passion. In 1974, he left San Jose State University to pursue an intensive course of alchemical study at the Paracelsus Research Society (later Paracelsus College) under the guidance of Dr. Albert Reidel (Frater Albertus). During this time, Robert lived in central Idaho where he performed personal research on botanical materials and worked underground mining antimony (an important alchemical resource). By 1976, at the prompting of Frater Albertus, Robert returned to college at Boise State University to complete his degree in chemistry with the view of working at the newly formed Paralab, a commercial offshoot of Paracelsus College. During this time Robert lived in Boise and was employed as a geochemical assayer for the mining industry. In 1979, he received his B.S. degree chemistry and immediately began work at Paralab as Chief Chemist. Working closely with Frater Albertus, Robert researched and developed a wide range of mineral and metallic preparations following Western and Eastern alchemical traditions for applications in alternative health care. Later, Robert was selected by Frater Albertus to become a Director of Research at Tristar, the future vision of Frater Albertus which would combine the Paracelsus College, Paralab, and a Healing Arts Center into one complex. Unfortunately with the death of Frater Albertus in 1984, both the college and Paralab closed its doors and the Tristar dream was never realized. Robert’s pursuit of alchemical research never diminished, as he continued his chemistry career as a research scientist for new ceramic materials, then later as the Chemistry Department Manager for a large materials testing laboratory. In this new environment, he was able to document and perfect alchemical experiments in ways undreamed of by the ancient alchemists using the very latest in scientific instrumentation. Robert is currently living in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two daughters where he has been teaching classes and giving workshops on practical alchemy since 2002.

Robert has 3 books out  Real Alchemy, A Primer of Practical Alchemy; Real Alchemy II, The Way of the Crucible (Ibis Press}; The Temper of Herbs, (Revelore Press Seattle WA)


  • Amrita
    January 7, 2020

    Hello! Please let me know when you will offer a class in spagyrics! I am fascinated and passionate about medicine making and really want to learn this. Thanks!

  • Mary Maloney
    January 29, 2020

    Hi, I heard an interview recently with you and Sajah Popham from Sept 2018. You mentioned a tincture of gold for a skin cancer and looked it up, I see you sell it with your shop. Because it is an investment I would like your advice before I buy it. I had a basal cell carcinoma removed under my left nostril in Sept 2018, that tender, sweet place tween nostril and lip. I NEVER want to go through that again and cover, have even moved out of the high desert ultra high UV area of northern New Mexico. Yet the area continues to act vulnerable and I easily rash and redden with the lightest bit of sunlight, even up here in winter. What are your thoughts on using your tincture on that area as preventative? I have been to a dermatologist and although no bumps in area, the only thing offered is a steroid cream for topical use if the redness, rash flares which I have used on the rarest occasion( it has helped) Your insight is appreciated and I will not hold you accountable for my health, I take full responsibility should I use the gold tincture. I know there is something to help me with this, I have just not found it yet. PS, along with mask, scarf, umbrella, hat, I try to live a healthy life and eat well. Thank you, Mary

  • David Mampel
    December 3, 2020

    Hi. I have been reading and researching Alchemy for about eight years now in conjunction with a trilogy I’ve been writing called The Celestial Circus. (I’ve completed the 6th draft of the second book, The Fugitive Alchemist, and am almost done with the first book, Lady of The Dark Sun). I have recently started reading Robert’s book, Real Alchemy. I’m realizing that Alchemy is truly opening up for me as a potential practice in my life. I’m seeing so many connections coming together and even though I started this research out of both curiosity and to enrich the characters in my (historical) fiction, I feel called to experience my first plant (easy method) circulation. I read the easy method in Real Alchemy and have gathered all my materials, consulted the ruling planets, (for Rosemary),waning/waxing moon, etc. My question to you is: as a long-time person in Recovery (from addictions), I am concerned about ingesting the final tincture after the process is complete because 100 proof Vodka will be used in the operation. Would ingesting a few drops of the final Rosemary tincture in a large glass of water induce intoxicating alcohol effects or is that amount so small it would be harmless for a person in recovery? Thank you. ps…I want to explore taking classes, etc. at some point

  • Dr. Santosh Jamdade
    December 12, 2020

    Would I get Cesare Mattei’s original Spagyric Electrohomeopathic medicines in USA ?

  • Christopher Wermuth
    June 9, 2021

    Hello, are these in-person intensive classes offered every year? Thank you!

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